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Case Studies from Decimal Customers

Explore some of the success stories of our current customers below and see how Decimal was able to improve their accounting operations.

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Fuel Merchandise Group Removed 10+ Hours of Accounting Each Week

Decimal migrated Fuel Merchandise Group from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online and improved reconciliation processes to save the team over 10 hours each week.

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HyperTrader No Longer Chases Down the Numbers

Decimal helped HyperTrader regain control over its accounting operations and improve the time-to-close books at month-end. HyperTrader's team went from chasing down responses from their previous provider to an effortless approach.

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DriverReach Outsourced Bookkeeping and Avoided Overspending on Headcount

Decimal worked with DriverReach to update technology and processes so their SaaS business could help a diverse range of clients and get a more accurate view of their financials.

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Majestic Stone Imports Cut Costs and Eliminated Days from Processes

Decimal worked with Majestic Stone Imports to update its tech stack, build new processes, and restore financial visibility.

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Branch Removed Manual Effort and Improved Financial Insights

Decimal took an operations-first approach with Branch and collaborated to streamline the review process and restore confidence in the numbers.

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The Right Technology Helped Turnkey Save Hours

Decimal built an operation-first accounting solution for Turnkey to remove manual work and increase visibility into the fine details of the business. With less manual work, and stronger financial insights, Turnkey has been set up to succeed!

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USA Diving Experienced Greater Financial Visibility and Improved Accounting Processes

USA Diving chose Decimal to provide them with detailed financial visibility into the organization and build improved processes to make financial operations more manageable. This streamlined monthly reporting to the board of directors and annual audits.

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StarLifter Focuses on Value-Add Activities, Not Bookkeeping

Learn how data analysis platform, StarLifter, partnered with Decimal to expertly handle its bookkeeping needs and streamline accounting operations.

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Kim Angeli Freed Up Time and Saved on Taxes

Decimal worked with Kim Angeli to help her use her time for the most valuable work to grow her business instead of getting bogged down in bookkeeping and taxes. While doing so, Decimal found new ways to reduce her tax burden from a comprehensive understanding of the financials.

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