Fuel Merchandise Group Case Study

“Decimal Brought Everything We Needed, in One Relationship"

Decimal migrated Fuel Merchandise Group from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online and improved reconciliation processes to save the team over 10 hours each week.

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The Scenario

"It’s necessary we have to have our infrastructure correct and in order"

Fuel Merchandise Group is a startup in the Indianapolis area that helps companies bring their brand to life with the right merchandise. With retail and eCommerce businesses, actions are happening every day. Whether sales are occurring, products are shipping, or new inventory is arriving: management needs to stay on top of every aspect to understand how the business is performing. Dean says, “it's a daily activity. We have to stay on it daily, otherwise, things fall through the cracks and mistakes occur.”

“The process takes a ton of time”

Key Challenges for Fuel Merchandise Group

Fuel Merchandise Group had to perform several manual processes to maintain accuracy and stay on top of the numbers. With each purchase, there were invoices, system updates, and checks that had to be cut. Then there was the issue of tracking all this activity. As Dean said, “it requires dedicated time and attention, minimum 10 to 20 hours a week.” 

If daily work didn’t occur as it was happening, the reconciliation process would become far more complicated and much more difficult to tie everything together.

Choosing Decimal

Dean wanted to get accountants with strong skill sets and plenty of experience, but more importantly, he needed to find partners that understood his industry and the associated complexities. 

After conversations with the Decimal team, the operational approach to accounting quickly addressed any concerns. Dean mentioned, “I sensed Decimal understood our business and our needs… After a few conversations, I felt very comfortable.”

“Decimal understood our business and our needs”

“Decimal did a very good job”

Implementing Decimal

Fuel Merchandise Group had to update its accounting software from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online in order to capitalize on the robust network of integrations for QBO and collaborate with Decimal. 

With the Decimal implementation team doing the heavy lifting, there was very little time commitment needed from the Fuel Merchandise team for this migration. Dean mentions, “From my time.. it wasn't too cumbersome. It really wasn't.” He continues, “To become more efficient, it required us to migrate from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online. Once the migration was complete, Decimal conducted a deep dive into our finances. While the majority of the work took place behind the scenes, Decimal provided updates and communicated on a weekly basis. I felt we were aligned throughout the process.” 

Taking time to understand the business is a primary goal of Decimal, and it shows in the implementation. Dean commented, “I prefer a deliberate, slower approach versus let's speed up and run through this.” With this collaborative approach, the Decimal team ensures a smooth migration and an easy deployment of new software. Dean says, “I thought Decimal did a very good job of managing and executing the deployment.” 

The Decimal Difference

“I seriously feel the Decimal company is on my team”

Fuel Merchandise Group needed to improve bookkeeping processes, migrate to new technology and connect additional solutions to develop a new accounting process. Generally speaking, hiring one internal bookkeeper to tackle all these areas is like finding “a needle in a haystack,” according to Dean. He continues:

“We needed to find an individual capable of managing the books and generating the reports necessary to run the business - that’s one person…
When considering our growth strategies, incorporating a new order management system, accounting system, and operating system which will enable us to become more operationally efficient … That's two additional people we would have to recruit, hire and train.
Finding the right people with these skill sets who understand the software and technology that comes with it, not to mention the ability to implement and operate these systems…. I'll just say, that’s the needle in the haystack.” 

Instead of having to recruit for these skills, vet their capabilities, and onboard them into the company, Dean says, “Decimal brought everything we needed, in one relationship.”

Dean goes on to say, “I feel the Decimal company is on team FMG. It’s as though I personally hired everybody in Decimal, and each approaches their role with a servant mentality. They're here to help our business succeed. It's a very refreshing relationship.”

With a renewed approach to accounting operations and the right team in Fuel Merchandise Group’s corner, the team can significantly improve its efficiency. Dean mentions, “We will gain a significant advantage. We will be more efficient in our operations. We now have a team of dedicated people working on specific functions within the organization, which allows the company to perform at its best.”

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Fuel Merchandise Group Overview

Fuel Merchandise Group is a branded merchandise company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, serving customers with a wide range of custom solutions and capabilities.   

Their passion is providing customers with an extensive portfolio of quality branded merchandise, expertly decorated with your logo and an experience you genuinely trust and appreciate. 

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