Majestic Stone Imports Case Study

Decimal Is a Fraction of What We Were Spending, and We’re Getting So Much More”

Decimal worked with Majestic Stone Imports to update its tech stack, build new processes, and restore financial visibility.

The updated processes helped reduce the time needed for activities like payroll from three days to only a few hours.

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The Scenario

"This Was an Area That Needed to Be Outsourced to Professionals"

Majestic Stone Imports has been in business for over 15 years with a team of approximately 60 people working across their two locations in Indianapolis and Kansas City. Like many businesses, they were doing bookkeeping in-house and were spending too much time on the process. Bob Brown, President of Majestic Stone Imports, said, “we were doing it internally, and we felt this was an area that needed to be outsourced to professionals.”

“We Were Entering All the Bills Manually”

Key Challenges for Majestic Stone Imports

Majestic Stone Imports wasn’t sure it had the right technology for their needs and didn’t quite have all the processes where they wanted them. As a result, there were still several manual tasks taking place. For example, Bob mentioned that they “were entering all the bills manually.” 

The manual processes led to delays across important areas of the business and required several hours of manual data entry. Needing to make a change, Cindy Brown joined Majestic Stone Imports to start building processes while looking to outsource accounting operations.

Choosing Decimal

Just as Decimal was founded in 2020, Majestic Stone Imports wanted to make a switch. After speaking with them, Majestic Stone Imports decided to transition bookkeeping to Decimal. Bob states that “we started with Decimal almost immediately!” 

At the end of the day, Bob says, “the timing was just perfect for us,” and Decimal began to implement the accounting operating system designed for his company.

“The Timing Was Just Perfect for Us”

“It Really Was Seamless”

Implementing Decimal

Decimal started by studying Majestic Stone Imports’ processes to identify areas for improvement.  Through this work, Decimal recommended accounting software solutions like Gusto, Stone Profits, and to help alleviate the manual processes, restore inventory accuracy and streamline the reconciliation process. Decimal also helped improve the computer and internet connectivity through another startup company Aerify to prevent losing work hours during internet outages. 

Decimal integrated the accounting functions from QBO into Stone Profit, an ERP specifically for the Stone Industry, to pull the inventory and invoicing information into the accounting systems. Tying multiple systems together can be tricky, but Decimal handled the implementation and removed barriers to understanding current inventory and sales velocity.

To migrate the payroll processes from ADP to Gusto, extra care was taken due to the sensitive nature of the function. Bob mentioned that related to that migration, “it really was seamless… the main concern was how does it affect our employees?.. and it didn't impact them.” By running parallel processes for both payroll and bill pay, Decimal was able to swap the system without any process interruptions to employees, clients, or vendors.

How the Solution Works

Decimal provides close communication and proactive collaboration, even as an outsourced partner. By holding weekly calls and constantly iterating on the processes, Decimal and Majestic Stone Imports found the right approach for their operational needs. If there are ever any issues, Decimal works with Majestic Stone Imports to troubleshoot and fix the problem. 

Looking at how Majestic Stone Imports wants to work, Decimal’s decision and support to implement Gusto helped Majestic Stone remove a tremendous amount of time from the payroll process. Bob mentioned, “payroll used to take three days, now, it takes less than a few hours.” Thinking about payroll as a bi-weekly activity, a total of 6 days were returned to the team every month. Bob says regarding Gusto, “we absolutely love it. It's fantastic... It's just very user-friendly, it's not laborious, and not restrictive.” The Majestic Stone Imports employees can now get payroll information easily through the Gusto app and make any updates much more easily. 

Implementing streamlined the bill pay process and removed the manual entry of all the bills. By tying to QuickBooks Online, the manual activity was removed, and the team only had to focus on the approval process. Bob goes on to say, “when we want to pay something, we just click on it and pay it… We've been really happy with that.” Cindy goes on to mention that “we can access all the invoices and packing slips electronically without having to go through paper files, so that lets us see all the details for each receivable.”

With Decimal handling reconciliations, payroll, and bill pay, the Majestic Stone Imports team was able to focus on their business and not the tedious accounting operations.

“Payroll Used to Take Three Days, Now, It Takes Less than a Few Hours.”

The Decimal Difference

“Getting Fast Accurate Numbers Allows You to Make Better Decisions Quicker”

Getting the books and processes in order is just the surface-level benefit that Decimal provides. The real value comes from the capabilities that updated processes, accurate financials, and more time back in the day can provide.

When looking at the possibilities now, Bob says, “Getting fast, accurate numbers allows you to make better decisions quicker. If you're waiting six months for something to report on what happened last June, it's more difficult to react and make changes.” He continues, “The less time we have to spend on the past, the more time we have to spend on the future. We're doing a lot more forward-thinking now in terms of projecting where we're going. We're spending time working on next week, next month, and next year as opposed to last week, last month, and last year.”

On-time numbers also help make tax season much more approachable. Without having to go back and clean up activities from the year, the team was able to spend much less time on the exercise. Bob says, “we have to give our information over by March 6th… and we've already got everything ready for them… It’s a lot easier to close out the year if all your months are up to date.”

“Decimal Is a Fraction of What We Were Spending”

After Working With Decimal, Majestic Stone Adds Additional Companies

After the experience with Decimal and Majestic Stone Imports, Bob saw opportunities for Decimal to alleviate accounting operations for Mouron Custom Stainless, another company Majestic Stone Imports partners closely with.

The company had been operating in the accounting space the same way for about 30 years with a local CPA and was able to immediately see improvements by outsourcing the work to Decimal. After the great experience with Gusto at Majestic Stone, that solution was used again to tackle payroll.

The company went from manually handling payroll, taxes, and reconciliation by someone with a CFO title to an outsourced approach. Bob mentioned that “by bringing on Decimal, we were able to streamline payroll and move accounting functions over… Decimal is a fraction of what we were spending, and we’re getting so much more than before.”

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