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Decimal tackles financial operations for businesses: bookkeeping, bill pay, taxes, payroll, expense management, and more!

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Actually Fixed Price

There's a better way to bill. We don’t take retainers or bill you for extra hours… Decimal’s Actually Fixed Price aligns incentives and forces us to truly understand your business.

Plans starting at $355/month

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We make technology work for you.

Get your time back

Manual bookkeeping means wasted time, stacks of paper, endless data entry, writing checks...with Decimal there's a better way. Free up you and your employees' time for higher value work.

Save money

Decimal scales for businesses of all sizes. We keep hiring costs in high impact areas - not in the back office. Come tax time, you'll actually pay for tax prep, not cleanup.

Peace of mind

Your Decimal team will make sure you're always on top of your business. Plus, Decimal’s Actually Fixed Pricing means you never hesitate to reach out when you have questions.

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Anytime, anywhere

We’re here to help you manage your business in the modern world. That means being able to run your business, pay bills, and invoice clients everywhere you go. No more waiting to get back to the office to keep your business moving forward.

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Decimal works well for any business wanting to streamline their back office.

“If we were to hire the folks that do Decimal’s work, it probably would be two or two and a half people”

Josh Burgess, Sr. Director of Finance, DriverReach

"Finding the right people with these skill sets who understand the software and technology... I'll just say, that’s the needle in the haystack.”

Dean Kapsalis, CEO/Managing Member, Fuel Merchandise Group

"Decimal is a fraction of what we were spending, and we’re getting so much more"

Bob Brown, President, Majestic Stone Imports

“Decimal is an extension of the team… Without you guys, I don’t know what we would do.”

Paul Barash, VP of Operations & Account Services, Turnkey

"You guys were able to suggest new processes. You really took effort and time to understand the business"

Amar Gautam, CEO, HyperTrader

"The processes are so much easier and quicker... Decimal is willing to dig in and create solutions according to what people need"

Lee Michaud, President, USA Diving

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