Actually Fixed Price

Traditional billing sucks. We’ve been there and found a better way. But believe it or not, there’s a world beyond the stress of tedious bookkeeping and we want to help get you there. Decimal takes manual effort off your plate and puts technology to work for you; saving you time, money, and frustration, for a fixed price each month.

Actually Fixed Price
plans starting at $500/month

Partnering with Decimal isn't about just getting your bookkeeping done, it's about finding a better way. Equipped with an integrated tech stack we handle your back office for you. We never take retainers or bill hours… Decimal’s Actually Fixed Price aligns incentives and forces us to truly understand your business.

Real Client Pricing Examples

E-commerce company

Employees - 25
Transaction Volume


Financial services firm

Employees - 4
Transaction Volume


Why we give an Actually Fixed Price

Know what you're paying up front

The power of aligned incentives

Communication is imperative

We hate billable hours. We'd rather put skin in the game to give you an Actually Fixed Price. With Decimal, you'll always know how much you're paying in advance.

Work with your Decimal team without the worry of extra billable hours. You'll never be charged more than a fixed price, allowing us to work together to best streamline your financial operations.

Your team at Decimal stays on top of your business in real-time. It's always easier to fix problems quickly, before they get bigger. Never hesitate to contact us with questions; it'll never cost you extra.

Get back down to business

Your back office will never be the same. Let us show you the easy way.