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Solve Your Financial Operations with Decimal

Focus on your business and let Decimal handle the financial operations.
Tackle bookkeeping and more with a team of expert accountants, all for a fixed monthly price.

Starting at $995/mo
Starting at $1195/mo
For businesses that need bookkeeping and financial operations support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee to drive accurate and actionable financial insights.
Daily bookkeeping work
Cash & Accrual Accounting
Comprehensive Financial Reporting
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For businesses that need custom-built solutions supported by a team of dedicated accountants based on our expertise in your industry and the best accounting technology for your needs.
Everything in Plus
Dedicated accounting team
Technology Assessment & Support
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Annual prices require payment up-front. Monthly payments are based on a 1 year commitment. Month-to-Month rates are available by request.

Add-On Services

Bill Pay Services

Focus on approvals while all the behind-the-scenes work is taken care of.

Payroll Support

Outsource the repetitive tasks to Decimal to pay employees accurately & on time. Handle commissions, deductions & more.

1099 Support

Get assistance with 1099 forms with Decimal to save time and tackle the repetitive tasks without the effort.

Invoicing Services

Get paid quickly and accurately with Decimal’s Invoicing Services. Keep money flowing into your organization without the stress.

Expense Management

Categorize and control spending before it gets out of hand with the right approach to expense management using the best tech solutions.

Job Costing

Get details from each job to better understand your margin and where the next big opportunity is to fully understand your financial performance.

Project Profitability

See profitability without having to dig for the finances. Get accurate and actionable financial information easily. 

Inventory Management

Track inventory with each sale and monitor purchase orders to always have a clear picture of what is in stock and where supplies are running low.

Advanced Revenue Recognition

Build out multiple schedules for revenue recognition to meet the needs of your business. Customize how each product handles revenue.

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Tax Services

Personal Returns

Business Returns

Tax Planning

Tax Consulting

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Decimal Partners

You're busy building and scaling your business. We've partnered with leading solutions and services to support your growth.


Every business is unique. At Decimal we believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why our team of experts have vetted the top solutions that align to your specific business needs.

Fractional CFO Services

Financial strategy is a forward-looking activity that requires specialized support. For this reason, Decimal has partnered with leading Fractional CFO firms and individuals to provide you with the strategic viewpoint you need to scale your business.

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