DriverReach Case Study

It's “More than Just Doing Our Books... It's Also About Providing Guidance, Expertise, & How to Improve” 

Decimal worked with DriverReach to update technology and processes so their SaaS business could help a diverse range of clients and get a more accurate view of their financials.

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The Scenario

DriverReach is a SaaS company based in Indianapolis with software that assists with the entirety of the driver recruiting process, from application tracking to marketing efforts. They had a complicated accounting structure due to a diverse client base with a variety of billing methods and subscription tiers. When manual processes began to pile up and cause frustration, the team looked to make a change to streamline their operations and remove the manual effort.

"We Were Spending Too Much Time with Manual Efforts"

Key Challenges for DriverReach

DriverReach leaned on a variety of technology solutions but needed help getting everything to connect with accuracy. When the systems stopped working with each other, it created manual processes and took up too much time to troubleshoot. Josh Burgess, Sr. Director of Finance, mentions, “We were spending too much time with manual efforts, creating an inefficient accounting process.”

With trucking company customers preferring a diverse range of invoicing and payment methods, the billing process for DriverReach quickly became complicated. For example, Josh says, “I mean, we had a client this week that sent us a check for $20.” Knowing that DriverReach needs to be able to help such a diverse customer base, there needed to be a change to the accounts receivable and bill pay process. 

The software environment was creating manual processes, resulting in too much time spent on activities that should occur automatically. The team needed to change the process and find a solution that works for their unique billing environment. 

Choosing Decimal

Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO of DriverReach, saw the potential of Decimal’s vision and the benefits of an operational approach to accounting. Understanding how Decimal could build a plan uniquely for them, DriverReach looked to partner up and change their accounting processes. 

Josh says, “you guys are very good at accounting expertise, but you also focus on bringing customer service and a strong experience too.” Since the values are shared through the company, each person looks to help out and proactively improve. When looking at Decimal, Josh noted, “I think it's top-down, right? Matt [CEO of Decimal] is great at customer service and thinks like a partner, not just a vendor.” The end result was an outsourced accounting solution that looked to improve the operations, not just continue the status quo while providing best-in-class customer service. 

“You Also Focus on Bringing Customer Service and a Strong Experience Too”

"Decimal Is Looking for Ways to Improve"

Implementing Decimal

With a complicated billing structure and technology that wasn’t speaking to each other, the Decimal team made sure to take extra care with the implementation of the new system. Working closely together, Decimal’s implementation specialists recommended software that would work best with DriverReach’s operations. 

Because of the difficulty getting receipts to tie into the accounting system automatically, Decimal recommended the use of Ramp to track receipts and expenses across the company accurately and to lean on for larger payments. Connecting all the information with software called Synder, the DriverReach team could easily tie payments on Stripe to a centralized location on QuickBooks Online. 

Josh says, “we started using RAMP a few months after I joined. It's been a great process update there”. When looking at Decimal’s implemented solution, Josh mentions that “it's helpful that Decimal is good at understanding our business, but then also is looking for ways to improve it.” Forcing operational changes to accommodate the accounting department happens in a lot of organizations, but Decimal’s approach focuses on how the business wants to operate. Josh recalls, “I think there is a benefit of Decimal being flexible as far as what we use… it just works out very well.”

The Decimal Difference

"I Really View Decimal As a Partner,
An Investment with a Great ROI"

“If we were to hire the folks that do Decimal’s work, it probably would be two or two and a half people?” Josh mentions. Through working with Decimal, the DriverReach team saw tremendous value compared to the previous approach for finances. Consolidating three different roles into one outsourced partner was great for saving money but also provided the process and operational benefits from Decimal’s experts.  

Decimal understood how DriverReach operated and made suggestions to improve the operations based on better-suited technology. Josh says, “I really view Decimal as a partner - an investment with a great ROI… We get great value, and it allows us to keep our expenses under control.” Josh continues, it’s “more than just doing our books. It's also about providing guidance, expertise - how to improve.” 

With Decimal’s help, the DriverReach team was able to start trusting the numbers again. Josh mentions, “the big thing for me is the comfort of knowing the books are accurate… As we prepare for this first audit for 2022 this year, I am comfortable and not worried about having issues.” 

As a private company, to make better decisions, the financial state of the business needs to be readily available. Without having to wait on financials, Josh mentions that he can “start doing reporting out on the month early on in that process.” With up-to-date financial information, business decisions no longer needed to wait. 

When DriverReach is faced with a challenge, they can lean on Decimal to collaborate and provide guidance. Josh says, “it definitely helps to know that I have someone on the outside to provide answers… From the very beginning, you guys have been a valued partner for us.” 

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