Riding two rollercoasters: work and personal with Devin Bramhall

Building a values-based culture amidst rapid growth


Leadership is about responsibility, not approval.

In this episode, Devin Bramhall talks about her journey as the former CEO of Animalz and the  challenges that came with leading a marketing agency. She opens up about the tough calls she’s had to make and the inevitability of making decisions that won’t satisfy everyone.

Her experience highlights the crucial balance between leadership integrity and external expectations. It's a candid look at the reality most leaders face, but few talk about.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leadership Isn't a Popularity Contest: The essence of effective leadership lies in making tough decisions rather than being liked. Leaders are tasked with prioritizing the company's growth and health over personal popularity.
  • The Power of Process and Values: Rapid growth brings unexpected challenges, but maintaining strong processes and values can be your north star. Embedding values into your culture helps anchor your employees to do their best work. 
  • Vulnerability is Strength: When done strategically, opening up about personal struggles can foster trust within your organization, proving that transparency can be both a shield and a sword in leadership.


00:00 Meet Devin Bramhall

04:01 Becoming CEO of Animalz

09:17 Building a culture of bravery and curiosity

16:02 Handling criticism and accountability as CEO

21:08 You can’t lead without a team

23:30 Hire slow, fire faster

30:52 Focus on responsibility, not approval

34:36 Vulnerability as a leader

37:55 Devin’s Exit as CEO


Riding two rollercoasters: work and personal with Devin Bramhall


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