How Lee Rubin pivoted and built a Top 10 Fastest-Growing Tech Company

Pivoting from event planning to tech successfully.


How did the owner of an event planning agency transform her business into one of the top 10 fastest-growing tech companies?

This is the journey of Lee Rubin, recognized as a 2023 Top 200 Female Founder, and the dynamic force behind Confetti, ranked #124 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. With a passionate team of 70 and a recent strategic acquisition, Lee's story is not just about her early ambitions but also her resilience in overcoming skepticism and the quest to find the right co-founder.

In this conversion, Lee recounts recent hurdles and shares invaluable wisdom for budding entrepreneurs and established leaders alike. 

Key takeaways:

  • Build Relationships that Weather Storms: The key lies in building relationships, especially with someone like a co-founder. You need someone who understands you, communicates well, and supports you. This type of partnership helps you bounce back from early setbacks and drives long-term success. Choosing your business companions wisely is vital because they’re as important to your journey as the destination itself.
  • Balancing Work and Personal Life: Maintaining harmony between these two is essential. As a leader, you should create an environment where your team can achieve this balance, too. When work doesn’t completely overshadow personal lives, everyone is more resilient and motivated. 
  • Empower Teams to Own Their Success: Empowering your team to own their success can transform your role from a doer to a leader. Trust your team with real responsibilities and let them lead initiatives. Seeing them succeed independently makes your business more efficient and recharges your energy to face new challenges. 

Time stamps: 

00:00 Meet Lee Rubin

02:03 When did you know you were one of the crazy ones?

02:53 Lee’s journey to entrepreneurship

04:25 From agency owner to entrepreneur

07:24 Characteristics of finding a co-founder

12:45 Pivoting business strategy amid pandemic

18:26 Finding balance 

22:45 Separating work from worth

26:43 Grateful for support and growth through imperfection

29:12 Striving for transparency and navigating tension

34:15 Helping the business reach the next stage

34:53 Supporting team success, revenue focus, hands-on support

38:15 Desire for change and philanthropic impact


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How Lee Rubin pivoted and built a Top 10 Fastest-Growing Tech Company


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