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Statistically speaking… too many small-business owners struggle to interpret the numbers provided by their bookkeeper and get stuck with things

Such as…

✘ Making money—but too few profits

✘ Unsure what to do next to scale the business

✘ Lack a sound business strategy, cash flow, forecast or budget

Does any of that resonate with you?

Copper8 provides guidance, insights & strategies to help owners make wise financial choices. So they can earn more revenue and profits…

…while feeling in control of their finances.


✓ More revenue for your company

✓ More profits for you & your business

✓ More peace & calm around your financials

And… more confidence when making financial choices?

❱❱❱ we explain it best at COPPER8STRATEGIES.COM

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Key Services & Use Cases


Cash Flow, Budgeting, Revenue Forecast, Full FP&A


Virtual CFO Advisory


Industries Supported: professional services, gyms, subcontractors & trades, SAAS & unique business models, coffee shops, event spaces

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