We are a team of fractional CFOs that love working with entrepreneurs and business managers. Our mission is to work with you and your accounting team to set up financial data that makes it easier to make financial decisions for the future of your business. We complete a full account review, help you organize your accounting data to work for you, and build board ready budgets, KPIs and financial analyses.

If financial transparency within your organization is a goal you seek: we can create department level dashboards for non-financial managers to better understand how their decisions impact their overall budget.  

We can have your business ready for a board meeting, including a bottoms up forecast in a matter of weeks and make every board meeting going forward a breeze. Good, clean, consistent data is key to any business decision- and we are here to help you make that a reality.

We know working with a CFO and really digging into the numbers can feel like it will be a frustrating and time consuming experience, but we are here to make that experience as quick, painless and seamless as possible. Most of our companies have financial clarity, a working budget and a dashboard of KPI‘s in under five hours of their time.

If you have avoided working with a CFO because you think it's going to take weeks and weeks of your time and the results will be a stagnant Excel spreadsheet you don't know how to use, we are the firm for you. Our forecasts are dynamic, cloud based, beautiful AND easy to use.

Our CFOs will meet with you monthly to update cash forecasts, go over financial results and review and add KPI's. We know that your business is changing every day and that a stagnant once-a-year budget isn't going to cut it. Monthly meetings with your CFO and tweaks to your forecast allow your financial data to move at the speed of your business.

Key Services & Use Cases


Cash Flow, Revenue Forecast, Full FP&A


Fundraising Support for Series Seed, Series A


Industries Supported: Software & Tech, Professional Services, E-Commerce, Non-Profit

Client Revenue Size: Pre-Revenue - $10M

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