Fully integrated technology

Decimal's digital-advice platform integrates to all your underlying product administration systems, other related systems and provides real-time access to all related stakeholders.

The Decimal digital-advice platform

The Decimal digital-advice platform takes care of everything. Integration to underlying systems is taken care of as are all the different types of logins required. Inside the platform there are over 200 separate database tables of real-time integrated relationships and intelligence. The advice engine is fully configurable to your specifications and can perform over 6 million calculations in less than 5 seconds.

All the customisation of an in-house build with none of the headaches, delays or capital costs

User experience

Choose from our fully configurable out-of-the-box screens or design your own custom user experience.


If you can design it our platform can automatically generate it. Every item of your client's data is held in our extensive data model and as well as thousands of generated projection values these are all made available to our text and infographic report generation capability.


Our large and not so large enterprise clients often have multiple brands. Not only can our configuration capability honour small or large differences from brand to brand, we can triage any customer enquiry precisely to the right channel or right down to the right individual in your organisation.

Robo algorithms

We have over 100 advice topics algorithms you can tailor or your can specify your own custom advice algorithms.


Consumers want the ease and convenience of online anytime anywhere but they don't know when they might might want a bit of help, or want an advisor to take over from where they left off. Decimal is a true Omni-channel platform. It does not have to synchronise any data because all channels are working from the same single set of databases.

Solid. Scalable. Secure.

Real-time expandability

Decimal uses the worlds largest hosting service, Amazon Web Services (AWS), so we can service the largest multi-practice enterprises within minutes.

Configurable architecture

Decimal’s server-farms scale to demand, automatically increasing capacity to continually optimize processing power.

Protected controlled privacy

All IT security is aligned to ISO 27001 – the international industry standard for information security management.

Hot-site cutover capability

Decimal has a hot standby-site in a geographically separate centre, 50-80km away, ready to take-over in minutes should the production server suffer any form of disruption.

Continuous security testing

Vulnerability and security assessments are performed by an independent 3rd party security firm. Weekly penetration testing ensures vulnerabilities are fixed or immediately escalated.

Internet security

All data, including batch data, flowing through the web servers is encrypted using the safest available encryption methods (e.g. TLS 1.2).

Intrusion protection

AWS Data Centres are ISO 27001 certified annually. In addition we used Trend Micro’s Deep Security to detect and prevent any unauthorised intrusion to our servers.

Server hardening

All our servers are hardened based on the NSA CSS guide and Microsoft best practices.

Decimal Client Console

Fully configure or customise, from a blank sheet, exactly the end-to-end responsive experience you have been craving to deliver to your customers. Don’t just empower them to see opportunities clearer than ever, let them execute those opportunities within one end-to-end experience.

Decimal Advisor Console

Whether an advisor is using the Decimal Advisor Console to handhold a customer needing help using the Client Console or delivering digital-advice over the phone, the Decimal Advisor Console puts everything at their fingertips. When the phone call ends, the SOA and all the advice execution is locked and loaded.

Decimal Compliance Console

Every little thing that a customer or an advisor does is tracked in real-time. And if they attempt to do something that is not compliant then the technology can detect this and prevent them progressing and also give options of what to do next.

Decimal Compliance Console lets you start delivering unlimited digital-advice SOAs without hiring one extra compliance auditor.

Decimal Marketing Console

You already know more about your customer segments than ever before. You can now target them with mass personalised, online experiences. Use Decimal Marketing Console to proactively deliver millions of pre-populated logins to the Decimal Client Console then use this same console to watch in real-time how it activates customers like never before.

Decimal Configuration Console

We understand our solution needs to fit into your enterprise brand architecture, your other customer experiences, your compliance regimes, your product systems, your corporate IT policies, your workflow, your related business models and more. That's why we have made all of our consoles not just configurable, but configurable in real-time and configurable by you.